housing complex 02

housing complex 02

location: Vrilissia, Athens, Greece | site area: 1.874,23 m² | bua: 3.077,28 m² |  design-documentation: 2001 | status: realised (2004)

The complex, consisting of an apartment building and two semidetached houses, was designed for a developer. Parking spaces, storage and utility areas are located on the basement which extends underground throughout most of the area of the plot. Open-air spaces and gardens are situated along the surrounding streets and in the middle of the plot.
The apartment building volume is set parallel to Florinis Street, where it’s main entrance is located as well. The central staircase and elevator unit, accessible through the main entrance, divides the apartment building into two volumes, one stretching towards the northeast and one towards the southwest side of the plot, resulting in an L-shaped form. The semidetached houses face 28th October Street and are placed symmetrically along a central axis, running perpendicular to the street.
The difference in scale between the volumes of the apartment block and the semidetached houses lead to a design approach that introduces a layering of the structures in order to relate the volumes visually and at the same time to address issues regarding the clarity and functional grouping of the volumes.
Throughout these horizontal and vertical projecting planes, gaps, closed and open spaces, solid and clear sections are interspersed accentuating the linearity of the structure and defining the facades of the building.

Y. Dimotsis, N. Daniilidis