school in porto rafti

school in porto rafti
Design and tender competition entry

location: Porto Rafti, Attica, Greece  |  site area4.003,70m²  |  bua2.778,36m²  |  design: 2004  |  status: competition entry

The project is a competition design entry for a High School to be built in a plot located in a coastal area that faces a road of high traffic, Sotiros street.
The proposal aimed primarily to create a lively environment that would appeal to the community of teenage students. In order to achieve healthy conditions and comfort, according to the mild local climate, an open-air corridor system was adopted (i.e. accessing classrooms through porticos). The layout was designed in regard to sustainable principles concerning: orientation, day lighting, shading, natural ventilation and cooling, choice of materials etc. Classrooms were for the most part arranged as to enjoy either east-southeast or south-southwest orientation.

Particular emphasis was given to provide as many porticos as possible which, arranged in combination with courtyard areas, form consecutive transitions between open-air spaces, sheltered ones and indoors. The resulting layout provides ease in circulation and the sense of an open, not restricted but reasonably organized space, where the different functions are rationally classified and distributed.
The array of volumes and the choice of materials focused on the integration and combination of familiar forms, rough textures and vibrant colors, so that the resulting setting would be a cheerful, comfortable and friendly environment where teenage students can assimilate and self-express.